A little introduction

Like most I moved to Dubai under the impression that I would make my fortune, sold a dream of fast cars, designer shoes and bucket loads of champagne. Well, it hasn’t quite worked out like that, I have a pretty nippy 2 door black Pajero, my shoes are all from Call it Spring (which carry my size, even in the sales!) and rather than champagne it has been Prosecco by the pint (not that I am complaining)!

However, these tiny readjustments to my luxury lifestyle have not diminished my feelings about living in Dubai.

Before moving over here I spent 7 years bouncing around Asia teaching English, although a great way to work it is a bit difficult to find a country to call your own.

Then in 2015 I made my way over to the UAE…initially starting my career here as a Real Estate broker…what an absolute disaster, making only 1,200AED in 4 months, not exactly what I had imagined. So tail between legs I threw in the towel and then followed the fun experience of being unemployed in possibly one of the most expensive cities in the world. But luckily I have some rather sympathetic parents, so could have been a lot worse.

After some ‘awesome’ job interviews, I finally decided enough was enough and launched into my own freelancing career as a copywriter and blogger…