Why classic British TV shows are still the best

British TV

American TV shows are packed with drama, high production value, special effects and celebrities galore. But give me a shaky set and a quick-witted script from the UK and I am a happy bunny. I can happily return to a number of British TV shows time and time again without ever getting bored. The final episode of Black Adder is heart breaking every time, I still giggle uncontrollably when Del Boy falls over in the bar, “play it nice and cool son, nice and cool.” In fact I am watching this particular Only Fools and Horses episode whilst typing. And, the Doctor’s regenerations are committed to memory.


If you are not familiar with British TV here are my absolute favourites.


Only Fools and Horses

Only Fools and Horses has the perfect blend of crafted comedy and poignant emotional moments. Well written you will come to love and root for the Trotter brothers, as they hustle, haggle and work to become millionaires. Check out this classic British TV show, you know it makes sense.

 Best episode: A Touch of Glass, Season 2 Episode 7


Red Dwarf

This has to be one of the best sci-fi shows out there, essentially is it about 4 blokes marooned in space finding new and inventive ways entertain themselves during the 3 million years it will take them to get back to earth. Snappy writing and wonderfully fleshed out characters mean that Red Dwarf has attracted a substantial cult following. Although they had a slight wobble with season 9’s Back to Earth trilogy, the boys from the dwarf have been delivering excellent entertainment for nearly 30 years.

Best episode: Polymorph, Season 3 Episode 3


Doctor Who

Doctor Who is the world’s longest running TV show, steeped in history and mythology once you get started it is hard to stop. I began watching the show with the David Tennant reincarnation, and with every new Doctor they quickly become your favourite. The story potential is unlimited and the program seems to show no signs of stopping any time soon!

Best episode: The Doctor’s Wife, Season 6 Episode 4


Absolutely Fabulous

Eddie and Patsy are hands down the best female role models out there, (well maybe alternative role models), successful business women they take control of their lives and have a pretty great time while they are at it. Just try to ignore the trail of destruction they leave in their wake.

Best episode: Fat, Season 1 Episode 2


Black Adder

If you decide to start watching Black Adder, a good piece of advice is to avoid the first season. A little too far on the quirky side, even the cast and crew view it as a test run. But from that point on it is a brilliant show, Rowan Atkinson’s Black Adder is as cunning as a fox who has just been appointed professor of cunning and Tony Robinson’s Baldric is an undiscovered poetic talent. The final season is a work of art, with its sad yet humorous portrayal of the First World War.

Best episode: Goodbyeee, Black Adder Goes Forth, Episode 6


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